Thursday, October 10, 2013

Competition time!!!

We are doing a bit of decorating in the shop and want to turn the wall behind the counter into a photo wall of people's best catches. So if you are willing to have your best catch displayed in the shop send us a printed copy of your best catch and we will put it up. It can be any fish by any method. It will not be judged by the size of the fish, it will be judged by what we think is a photo that's says what fishing is all about. Fun, freedom, passion, joy. So to enter you need to send a printed copy(no larger than 7" X 5")of your photo to:

Absolute Fishing
Site 2
Rivers town Business Park

The winner will receive a €100 voucher.

Entry's close the 20th of October.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't miss out....

Now is a great time for big bass, dropping water temperature signals to the the bass that winter is on the way and its time to bulk up. Small weather windows around this time of the year can lead to some outstanding fishing. Keep your eye on those weather sites

Here are two nice October fish taken in the last couple of's hoping!