Monday, August 29, 2011

Online Shop

At long last the online shop is up and running , we hope ye like it ...
Over the next few weeks we will be adding many more products and of course as new products come into stock they will be going straight up on to the online shop . You can look at the shop at


Saturday, August 27, 2011

A change from the norm....

With plans all made to go lure fishing Ger Carey persuaded me to go bait fishing, something which I have not been doing a whole lot of lately. But as usual Ger made the right call as we both caught but yet again Ger had the nicest fish of the night nailing this bass of 10.5lb on lug cast no more than 30 yards out into the surf.

Tight lines,


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another day on the Copper Coast....

There is no getting away from the fact that August is a difficult month for bass, it is most likely that the bass are simply full up on the masses of bait fish which are around the coastline at the moment and are simply not that interested in our lures. However if you put in the effort in the right place at the right time you will more often than not be rewarded with a few fish.

We have been fishing weedless plastics a lot at the moment which have been working very well. Myself Cian and Ger where fishing a mark the other night where the bass seemed to have turned off from the night before. Over comes Ger "Any chance I could try one of those wave worms" Cian gives him a chartreuse wave worm and first cast he go's and nails the bass in the picture below.

Impressed with the wave worm?

The wave worm which did the business, we have also found we are getting great hook ups with the lunker city texposer hooks.

We will have a wide range of wave worms arriving in the next couple of days so be sure to call in to see the great selection of soft plastics available from wave fishing.

We fished a rock mark yesterday evening, once again the bass were not playing ball but Ger did manage to land this fine bass on the old faithful Pearl Gataride....

Tight lines,


Monday, August 15, 2011

August Bass....

Here are a few pics taken over the last few days, the fishing was difficult at times but if you put in the time you will more often than not be rewarded.

Cian picking out this nice fish on a weedless soft plastic, sorry for the poor pic was taken on my phone.

Alan with a nice fish which he had on the Zonk Gataride in possibly the most bassy looking conditions imaginable..... the kind of conditions you expect a bass every cast.

....what its all about, watching the bass swim away.
"Game fish are to valuable to be caught only once."

Tight lines,


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Times are good....

The fishing has been really good on the last set of good tides and we are still getting reports of good bass fishing over the current neap tides, moving into another set of springs this weekend with the wind in the South West the rocks should well produce some good fishing this weekend.

Due to the demand from our customers we are currently working on the online shop which should be up and running within the next couple of weeks, due to large amount of lures, soft plastics, rods, reels, braid etc you can understand it is taking a while to get everything up, but we are getting there.

Here is a small snippet of what the online shop will look like, with hundreds of products from all the popular brands it will be your one stop online lure shop....

Tight lines....

Friday, August 5, 2011

A couple of sessions....

We have been out for a couple of sessions during the week with some nice bass coming to both hard lures and plastics along the copper coast.

The night fishing has got to me in a big way, the anticipation of a take while you are retrieving so slowly in the dead of night really is exciting fishing, waiting literally for the rod to be wrenched out of your hand.

In the picture below Ger is holding a fish I hooked on the Zonk Gataride fished dead slow, the take and fight was something else this fish went for it, and with rocks to your left and right and the fish running where you cant see....adrenaline fueled fishing!!!

Ger also had a few fish which he took on the Gataride Pearl Rainbow a colour that is working really well for us in this night fishing game...

We also headed out yesterday fishing hard lures into fizzed up water that was breaking over a reef, we hammered every conceivable hard lure onto serious looking bass ground without a sniff of a fish everything seemed right but we couldnt get a hook up, until..... Cian went and put up a weedless soft plastic keeping in contact with his sp he managed to winkle out 2 nice fish and got a plenty of more hits. A excellent method that if Cian didnt try yesterday evening we probably would have gone home thinking the fish just were not there....lesson learnt.

Tight lines,


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We have just got in the much awaited shore line shines series these lures have been working very well on the bass. Daiwas sliding Long Cast System provide both casting and optimum lure action even in choppy conditions. The Shoreline Shiner series is the ideal choice for anglers seeking an ultra long distance casting minnow.

SL 17 Laser Spot Sardine. (170mm, 28g, Floating)

R50+ F-G Laser Spot Sardine (120mm, 15.5g, Floating, ultra shallow)
R50 LD F-G Burning Sardine (120mm, 15.5g, slow floating)

SL 12 F-G Laser chart Rainbow. (125mm, 12.8g, Floating)

SL 14 F-G Anchovey Z (140mm, 19.5g, floating)

We have all these lures available in the different colours seen above.

We have also got in some of the very impressive Daiwa Luvias 3000 reels, I know Henry uses one of these reels and likes it a lot the few times I have fished with this reel I have also been very impressed. Check out Henrys write up on the reel below here.

We also have limited stocks of the very popular Daiwa Branzino 80ml and the Daiwa Ardito 7ft and 8ft. Call the shop if your interested for more info.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Few fish about...

The fishing is good at the moment and there have been some great reports of good numbers of fish coming to the lures in darkness, and with Ger smashing a nice double yesterday morning on the Jackson Athlete 140 the next couple of days will be interesting with the tides starting to fall back off the springs and the wind in the South West its certainly looking good as long as you can get away from weed which is making some marks very difficult to fish.

Heres some pics of some new colours in the popular IMA lures and we have also got in some Jackson lures....

Limited edition Komomo

SF 125


Pugachev Cobra

Jackson Artist (sinking)

And here are the very popular Jackson Athletes, we have both 140s and 120s in both floating and sinking...

Tight lines.