Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We have just got in the much awaited shore line shines series these lures have been working very well on the bass. Daiwas sliding Long Cast System provide both casting and optimum lure action even in choppy conditions. The Shoreline Shiner series is the ideal choice for anglers seeking an ultra long distance casting minnow.

SL 17 Laser Spot Sardine. (170mm, 28g, Floating)

R50+ F-G Laser Spot Sardine (120mm, 15.5g, Floating, ultra shallow)
R50 LD F-G Burning Sardine (120mm, 15.5g, slow floating)

SL 12 F-G Laser chart Rainbow. (125mm, 12.8g, Floating)

SL 14 F-G Anchovey Z (140mm, 19.5g, floating)

We have all these lures available in the different colours seen above.

We have also got in some of the very impressive Daiwa Luvias 3000 reels, I know Henry uses one of these reels and likes it a lot the few times I have fished with this reel I have also been very impressed. Check out Henrys write up on the reel below here.

We also have limited stocks of the very popular Daiwa Branzino 80ml and the Daiwa Ardito 7ft and 8ft. Call the shop if your interested for more info.

Tight lines,