Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just in....

Some new lures have just arrived in. With the evenings getting longer, its only a matter of time before we will be out chucking these lures off the rocks again....cant wait.

Sasuke 75 Shad (SK75-003)

"The Killer" Sasuke 140 candy

IMA Gyo Do 130 MD Candy

IMA KO 130S Ko-011 (also availble in candy)

Komomo II (11-005)

Sasuke 120 Candy

Sasuke 120 RP117

Sasuke 105 (sinking) candy

Sasuke 105 (sinking), SKF105-034

Tight lines.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last night...

Some nice bass starting to show around the Waterford coastline at the moment. Heres Cian with a nice fish of around 5.5lb from last night.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A couple from last night...

Myself Cian and Paul decided we had to get out to have a go for some bass last night....

Some quick running ledgers rigged up and with some top quality popping peelers as bait we set off with the light gear quietly confident of hitting a few bass as they are really starting to make a good appearance around some Waterford marks at the moment.

We wernt disappointed, myself and Paul had some nice bass (CIAN BLANKED, not that we would get onto him in any way) and also a couple of bin lid flounders insured we had some good sport for the night.

Its nice to finally know that the bass are finally making there way back inshore close enough for us to finally target them on bait and lures.

Tight lines,


Friday, March 18, 2011

Paddy's Day Bass

Well the bass are starting to hit lures and I am sure plenty of you will be out over the weekend to give it a go . Hopefully ye will all do as well as Declan Halpin did on Paddys day and have a few fish on lures like the one above . It was a long winter but now we are coming to the end of it and the fish are becoming active and hitting lures again as the water heats up.

Tight lines,


Monday, March 14, 2011

Just arrived...

Just some new colours and lures that have just arrived , also some colours that have been out of stock.
Xpod and Pop-max

Ringo Star II

GG Heat Iwashi

GG Kibinago

Sinjatsu Iwashi

HT Hama Shirasu

X-140 GG Bloody bait

PM Pearl rainbow

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not too long now....

Im sure we have all faced conditions like this above, flat calm with little or no life in the water. These are difficult conditions for catching bass and frustrating when you know the fish are there but they just seem a bit lazy or shy away from bigger lures.

I like to use small subtle lures in such conditions however a lure I have just got my hands on recently is the sasuke 75 shad, I know some guys swear by this lure and it is a proven bass catcher. And I am sure this little lure will be very effective in these calm conditions. The sasuke 75 shad is a sinking lure which has a really nice tight rolling action and you can really feel this lure vibrating on the retrieve.

Another lure which has just arrived is the zonk gateride SG Teaser. I like to use bright visible lures when conditions get rough and the water clarity can become an issue. This is one lure I will certainly have in the box when water clarity isn't great.

Tight lines,