Monday, March 7, 2011

Not too long now....

Im sure we have all faced conditions like this above, flat calm with little or no life in the water. These are difficult conditions for catching bass and frustrating when you know the fish are there but they just seem a bit lazy or shy away from bigger lures.

I like to use small subtle lures in such conditions however a lure I have just got my hands on recently is the sasuke 75 shad, I know some guys swear by this lure and it is a proven bass catcher. And I am sure this little lure will be very effective in these calm conditions. The sasuke 75 shad is a sinking lure which has a really nice tight rolling action and you can really feel this lure vibrating on the retrieve.

Another lure which has just arrived is the zonk gateride SG Teaser. I like to use bright visible lures when conditions get rough and the water clarity can become an issue. This is one lure I will certainly have in the box when water clarity isn't great.

Tight lines,