Friday, December 30, 2011

On The Incoming....

Thousands of fish up to 40lb's crash the flats,, says it all really. Here is some really cool striped bass fishing they really are a super looking fish..... may have just given me the final push I needed....

If you would like to check out the coolest fishing videos out there have a look at the the drake mag site here go to the video section and dream......

Tight lines.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Opening Hours.....

Happy Christmas to everyone and we would like to say thanks for all your support throughout the year. Below are the Christmas opening hours for the shop...

Dec 24th - 10.00 - 14.00

Dec25th Closed

Dec26th Closed

Dec 27th Closed

Dec 28th 10.00 - 17.00

Dec 29th 10.00 - 17.00

Dec 30th 10.00 - 17.00

Dec 31st 10.00 - 14.00

Jan 1st Closed

Jan 2nd 10.00 - 14.00

If anyone needs anything over the Christmas period and the shop is not open just call the shop on 051393559 as the phone will be diverted to my mobile and I only live two min from shop and have no problem opening up if anyone needs anything . 

We will be having our January Sale on the 6th 7th and 8th, so make sure to call in as there will be some outstanding offers on all gear.

Happy Christmas....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 5 Hard lures.....

Top 5 hard lures of the year,

I try to keep a diary of my fishing during the year and looking through it today I picked out the lures which worked best for me this year and here they are no surprises with number one the same as last my opinion the ultimate bass lure....

1) Zonk Gataride (have a soft spot for the pearl rainbow but also had a lot of fish on this colour)

2) Tackle House Feed Shallow (sardine and sardine red belly)

3) IMA Sasuke 140 (cotton candy)

4) IMA Komomo SF-130 slim (definitely the find of the season for me worked extremely well in ultra shallow water)

5)  Megabass X-140 (hama shirasu)

Others worth a mention that didnt quite make it into the top 5 would be the SF 125, FX9 and the Jackson Athlete all outstanding lures on their day.

Tight lines,


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

IMA Sasuke 105.....

The IMA Sasuke 105 (this weeks special)  has been one of my go to lures this year. It is an excellent casting lure and cuts through strong winds. Working this lure on a steady retrieve with some added action will account for a lot of fish, however a method which has worked well for me this year is, lifting the rod tip and cranking the lure back very quickly the lures rises to just underneath the surface and the action the lure makes when it is being worked this quick is excellent and it seems to really draw the attention of any bass within the area you are fishing. Hits can be savage and a lot times will be right at your feet, make sure to pause your lure just before lifting it out of the water as I have found I get hit 90% of the time at my feet when cranking it back like this. A very fun method with savage hits..... 

Tight lines....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weightless Soft Plastics....

These have to be the find of the season for me. One evening during the summer the surf was breaking perfectly over a reef, at this location the fish hit you behind this reef in the white water. Myself Ger and Cian had been hammering "the zone" for about 20 minutes with hard lures to no avail. Everything seemed right but we couldn't understand why the bass where no hitting the lures?

Cian goes and put on a wave worm on a texposer hook and proceeds to cast into the white water. Within four or five cast he hooks up with a nice bass which gave an excellent account of itself in the well oxygenated white water. Catching on a new method was great and excitement levels were high. Cian managed another fish shortly after and with that had me convinced by these weightless soft plastics. All he was doing was casting into the surf and keeping in contact with the soft plastic as it got washed are around in the surf waiting for the fish to pick up the sp move away with it and then lifting into the fish. Simple but deadly method as we soon found out trying the method on a number of marks latter on in the summer.

For the next few weeks numbers of fish on the weightless wave worm started to add up and they accounted for some nice fish in both estuary and rock marks in all types of conditions.

How we fish the wave worm:

Pretty simple really, If you are fishing a rock mark I will either let it get kicked around in the surf reeling up the slack line so that I am just keeping in contact with it. In this situation the current (if there is any) and the wave action do all the work for you.

In an estuary mark we fish frequently in the summer the water is never clear there, visibility being 1.5 foot max. A steady retrieve with constant wrist flicks gives the wave worm a great action that the bass just cant seem to resist.

One thing to note if you feel a fish pick your wave worm up when you are letting it get kicked around in the surf do not strike let the fish have it feel him move away then lift into the fish, when fishing the worm on a steady retrieve...hold on cause they will hit you hard and usually do all the work hooking themselves. The hook holds with the texposer hooks are excellent.

The water temperature is still up around 12C this settled spell on the way may be just what is needed to get some good fishing, and a method well worth a go this time of the year will be the weightless soft plastics.

Tight lines,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The value of bass...

This is a great video about the importance and value of the recreational striped bass fishery in America, it strikes some similarities to our own bass especially as the commercials continue to push hard to open the fishery. Lets hope the laws stay in place and that the bass we have along our coast stay protected.....

Tight lines...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Grab A Bargain...

Fancy a deal coming up to Christmas....

We have decided to put a Daiwa Caldia 3000x and the Anyfish Anywhere 9ft MK1 lure rod on special for two days only....

Get in quick, if your interested give the shop a call on 051 393559 or you can order online here

Daiwa Caldia 3000x

see here 

"The Caldia X range is so precisely made that everything winds, rotates and moves does so with un-erring accuracy. This makes for high efficiency in the winding power, smoother motion and fantastic durability. This reels 5 ball bearings deliver excellent line lay and by placing your trust in their reactive drag, which is waterproof your hook holds should have no fear".  

Anyfish Anywhere Travel lure rod MK1 9ft 12-60g

see here 
9' Lure Rod Mk1 12 - 60 grams breaks down into 4 sections so you  will transport this rod with ease.  From soft baits with jig heads starting as low as 12grams, this rod will handle just about anything. On the hard bodied lure front, it has the sort of tip that will impart life and action into any lure, diver or surface. The 9ft gives you more control and will cast slightly heavier lures, so if you are roving wild coastline the 9ft may just edge it for you.

Tight lines.