Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The value of bass...

This is a great video about the importance and value of the recreational striped bass fishery in America, it strikes some similarities to our own bass especially as the commercials continue to push hard to open the fishery. Lets hope the laws stay in place and that the bass we have along our coast stay protected.....

Tight lines...


  1. Great post, many thanks.

    We (the little fishermen) need to bring these things to everyone's attention.

    Happy Fishing. Frank

  2. Great post.

    Recreational angling for bass contributes immensely to the recovery of our economy here in Ireland.
    There is so many businesses relying on the now strong fisheries that we have successfully strengthened since 1990.
    Unfortunately, a dark side to human nature is greed and it can be found in all sectors from certain so called anglers
    right up to the commercials. Tourism Angling is worth 100 million to our economy and to take this away
    will defiantly be another nail in our coffin. I'm getting all wound up now, excellent post and hopefully some one
    involved in the political side of things might understand it as I and many others do. The funny side of this is you
    don't have to be an angler or a mathematician to add up and see what benefits our economy the most.

    Tight Lines. http://flynlure.blogspot.com/

  3. One of the best fishing based videos I have ever seen. Thanks for posting it guys, and if you don't mind I am going to put it out there and try to get some more people watching it. Can you imagine the fishery we or you might have ?

  4. Great vid guys, thanks for posting.

    To echo the comments of the other guys if Ireland and the UK had enough foresight to treat our fishery like this I can only imagine the resource we would have available for ourselves never mind the visiting angler. I plan to share this one on myself.

  5. Short sighted ness comes to mind great video lads ,food for thought ,,,