Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some good fishing...

So your fishing one of your favourite bass marks, that you know like the back of your hand.....or so you think, the only difference is its pitch dark and using your head torch will spook the fish as they are lying so close in, at your feet. Buzzed up is not the word this really is heart stopping fishing.

The initial hits were subtle with the odd savage hit adding to the great fun which is night lure fishing for bass.

The lures which worked well for us were the Zonk Gataride retrieved VERY slowly with the best fish of the night running to 7lb.....

We are also having some good fishing along the rocks during normal hours....

Fishing some seriously shallow ground, drag has to be wound up tight
as the fish will head straight for them snags, no records broken but some nice fish in difficult conditions with this constant NW wind and flat seas, smaller lures working well again in these calm conditions.

Tight lines,


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fish The Dream

Just a quick blog to let anyone who may be interested know that Rodney of fish the dream has only 2 slots remaining for prime Tarpon and Permit fishing . The dates are the 4th to the 10th of May . There are two Irish guys booked for this week and the package works out at great value if four people take the week together . May is when the Tarpon are running hard in the Florida Keys and believe me after float fishing a live crab back under 7 mile bridge in the dark you will never be the same again , I am still shaking . The thought of that float vanishing in the blink of an eye and you know that whatever has taken it is not going to be small . Also it is the perfect time of the year to target Permit on the wrecks and on light gear these things go like nothing else , I think I was nearly sick after my first one with the amazement of the raw power .
The accommodation is outstanding with the boat docked in the back garden . Rodney himself is seriously clued up on the fishing in the Keys and amazed me with his skill at putting us on whatever we wanted to catch every day . So if you fancy the the fishing holiday of a lifetime give Rodney a shout here as these dates will soon be gone.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hit hard...

A nice morning session today resulted in a couple of nice bass fishing in and around very shallow reefs.

The lure which I had the fish on today was the IMA sasuke 140, the last couple of fish I have had on this lure I have been holding the rod tip up and working the lure back very quickly and the takes have been savage getting hit very hard right at my feet.

A cracking lure that is working really well for the bass at the moment.

Tight lines,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fly and Lure....

Henry and Nick were over for some bass fishing both on the fly and the lures last week. As always it was a pleasure to fish with the guys and a joy to watch nick casting a fly for some bass and he was duly rewarded for his efforts with some nice bass on the fly. You can check out Nicks blog here.

Here are some pictures from the guys visit....

Nick fighting a nice bass on the fly

Fly caught bass...

Off course conditions at times were far from ideal for fly fishing....

Nice for lures though...

Nick and Henry on the lures.

Lure caught bass (Photo courtesy of Nick Hart)

Lure caught double (Photo courtesy of Nick Hart)

The guys have moved down west to fish for some pollack along the beara and wild trout in the mountain lakes, to follow how the guys are getting on see Henrys blog here.

Tight lines.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some new toys...

Some new lures have arrived in the last few days.

IMA popkey 80.

IMA trip 85 (24g).

IMA Sasuke SF-95

IMA molmo 80. This is a ultra shallow diving lure, and has also been working well for us. This lure imitates a bait fish struggling at the surface.

IMA Komomo II 90. This cracking little lure has the great action of the renowned bass catcher the komomo II, however komomo II 90 bites down into the water very well and can be fished into turbulent water very effectively. We had some nice bass on this lure on the last good tides when we were fishing some extremely shallow ground.

IMA komomo II. This hugely popular colour is a well known bass catcher along the waterford coast.

IMA komomo SF-130. Another super IMA shallow diver also worked very well for us when fishing into really shallow ground.

IMA Run dams are also in, as well as a range of colours in the lures above. Also in are the Duo Tide minnows 140 slim and 145 sld's.

Tight lines.