Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some new toys...

Some new lures have arrived in the last few days.

IMA popkey 80.

IMA trip 85 (24g).

IMA Sasuke SF-95

IMA molmo 80. This is a ultra shallow diving lure, and has also been working well for us. This lure imitates a bait fish struggling at the surface.

IMA Komomo II 90. This cracking little lure has the great action of the renowned bass catcher the komomo II, however komomo II 90 bites down into the water very well and can be fished into turbulent water very effectively. We had some nice bass on this lure on the last good tides when we were fishing some extremely shallow ground.

IMA komomo II. This hugely popular colour is a well known bass catcher along the waterford coast.

IMA komomo SF-130. Another super IMA shallow diver also worked very well for us when fishing into really shallow ground.

IMA Run dams are also in, as well as a range of colours in the lures above. Also in are the Duo Tide minnows 140 slim and 145 sld's.

Tight lines.