Friday, August 5, 2011

A couple of sessions....

We have been out for a couple of sessions during the week with some nice bass coming to both hard lures and plastics along the copper coast.

The night fishing has got to me in a big way, the anticipation of a take while you are retrieving so slowly in the dead of night really is exciting fishing, waiting literally for the rod to be wrenched out of your hand.

In the picture below Ger is holding a fish I hooked on the Zonk Gataride fished dead slow, the take and fight was something else this fish went for it, and with rocks to your left and right and the fish running where you cant see....adrenaline fueled fishing!!!

Ger also had a few fish which he took on the Gataride Pearl Rainbow a colour that is working really well for us in this night fishing game...

We also headed out yesterday fishing hard lures into fizzed up water that was breaking over a reef, we hammered every conceivable hard lure onto serious looking bass ground without a sniff of a fish everything seemed right but we couldnt get a hook up, until..... Cian went and put up a weedless soft plastic keeping in contact with his sp he managed to winkle out 2 nice fish and got a plenty of more hits. A excellent method that if Cian didnt try yesterday evening we probably would have gone home thinking the fish just were not there....lesson learnt.

Tight lines,