Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Water Temp is still Good

Water temperature is still at 10.4 degrees and for me that is still more than enough to go fishing with lures. It has been a tough two weeks on the weather front here with freezing temperatures roads not passable but saying that I have had reports of people making a serious effort to get out and fish . Reports of catches are still coming in and I for one can not wait to get out and give it a good go with the plastics . Saying that all the fish that I have heard of being caught in the last week fell to hard lures . There were even guys catching on surface lures two weeks ago ( insane for this time of year ). The sun is out here today and the snow is starting to melt so hopefully anyone who has been stranded will be able to make it out and give it a go there are fish around and some big girls too . James is just back from a trip to Poland , so soon as he recovers and is able to mind the shop I am going fishing . Once the water temperature stays above 8 degrees I am happy to fish with lures . At the moment it is a case of slowing everything down and getting down deep . This is why I favour soft plastics at this time of year . If possible let the current do most of the work or stick to a very slow retrieve . As the water temp drops so does the metabolism of the fish which makes them less likely to use up a load of energy chasing a fast moving lure . Offer them easy pickings ( nice and slow moving plastics ).
If anyone else is like me and wishing this weather to go away so we can continue fishing I hope you all can make it out over the next few days as the tides are perfect and who knows when your going to hook into a monster .
Tight lines,