Sunday, September 19, 2010

My apologies for the lack of posts recently , just up the walls . The fishing over the last few weeks has been brilliant when the weather has played ball . The amount of reports of good quality fish been caught is outstanding . The most recent is Pat Connolly with yet another double , an 11lb fish yesterday on a regular Zonk . This man is putting in the hours and getting the results, well done Pat.

Unfortunately I have not been out myself as much as I would like but when I have made it out there has been plenty of fish around and its definitely the time of year when the bigger fish are starting to turn up. In recent weeks we are all catching a bigger stamp of fish and everyone I talk to is in agreement at how fat all the fish are at the moment , they are definitely in feeding mode at the moment with all the bait fish around its easy pickings and they are taking advantage.

Paul has had two fish up to 9lb in the last week and many more , I was there for one of those big fish and when it was landed I was giving it 10lb it was so fat . When weighed on the boga it came in at just over 9 . The same night one of my fish around 6lb and the hardest fight I have had from a fish all year , I thought that I was in to a monster with its initial run . The fish are here at the moment and switched on . Pat told me that his fish yesterday made run after run and would not give up . His injection was well able though , a monster fish on light tackle you can not beat that.

The lads are over in a few days, Henry , Andy and Nick . It will be great to catch up with the lads and do some fishing and of course winding each other up. A great bunch of anglers and great company . Hopefully the weather gives us a break as I am taking a few days off to fish with the lads . It will of course be the usual routine , non stop fishing food and sleep coming a distant second , I can not wait.