Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fishing Junkies

It makes me feel better about myself to hang around with people who have the lure fishing bug as bad as me . Above are some of the fishing junkies that I fish with Paul, James, Henry and Nick. Henry and Nick were over for a week recently and we all fished a lot and when we were not fishing we were talking fishing . For me it is a complete obsession , lately because I am not getting out fishing as much as I would like to be I am dreaming about fishing , I caught a 15lb bass in my dreams the other night ( not bad ). It is evident since opening the shop that there are a massive number of guys who have the fishing bug as bad as me . Getting stressed when they can not get there favorite lure in there favorite colour, going crazy when they can not fish due to weather . To me it is the best pastime in the world . Playing a soccer match or a game of golf would not have the same effect on me that's for sure but I am sure that there are people who get that buzz out of there chosen hobby's . We who are addicted to our hobby's are lucky people to have found something that gives us such pleasure and excitement and will continue to do so as we are forever learning . Fishing is something that I will never figure out or master and that is why I love it so much , no fishing sessions is ever the same .
Weather looks perfect today SW breeze at 15Kpm and I am in the shop for the day wishing I was out on the rocks. Hope a few of you are out giving it a go . Tight lines