Friday, November 19, 2010

November Rock Fishing.....

Plenty of action still to be had along the copper coast at the moment. There was a window of opportunity to get out early this week and although the tides weren't great conditions were spot on....nice onshore wind with reasonable water clarity.

Myself and Paul fished a rock mark on early this week which produced some nice fish. The lure of the day was once again the Zonk Gataride in a variety of colours and we are really starting to think that colour doesnt matter when it comes to this lure as one colour seems to be as good as the other, but wer always going to have our favourites.

Fishing into gullies on a flooding tide worked to great effect for us. Visiting your mark at low water and finding gullies and ambush points for the bass can be a great help when the tide floods in over these areas you have a much greater chance of connecting with a bass or two knowing where these areas are instead of casting blindly into the water.

When there is a big surf/swell rolling onto the rocks like in the picture above a lure which can really bite down into the water can be a great help, the Zonk 120 and sinking tide minnows can be a great help and can sometimes make a big difference giving the lure that extra bit of stability needed in such conditions.

So before you put away your bass gear for winter get out and give it another go as there seems to be good numbers of bass around the rock marks, if the water clarity isnt great try a xlayer or a shad type soft plastic as they can be very effective over rough ground fished nice and slowly which may entice a fish that may not come as easy to the plug.

Tight lines,