Monday, January 24, 2011

Whats to come...

This time of year is not easy for us lure fishermen , fishing is difficult to say the least . Now if we got a week of westerly winds and the water cleard up we might be in with some chance but I would say that is wishful thinking . Myself and James have been doing a bit of bait fishing over the last few weeks for cod , coalie , flounders and always trying for a bass . To be honest I have forgotten how much I enjoy it and I am kicking myself I did not do more of it over the winter months . Saying that I can not wait to get out with the lures especially when seeing pictures like these.
These are some pictures James Mac Sweeney sent us. (Pictures courtesy of David Gauduchon)

James MacSweeney is a bass guide in Cork harbour , he sent me these pictures last week of a day out with a client last summer . He certainly got me thinking about the season ahead . What a fish and just before this fish was landed James lost a fish at the boat which he estimated to be at least 2lb heavier . James knows his stuff and puts his clients on fish so if you are heading to Cork harbour you wont go too far wrong booking a day out with James you can contact him at