Friday, February 4, 2011

It has only begun

Lure fishing is only getting started.

It amazes me how quickly lure fishing has taken off in the UK and Ireland . It is a great way to fish , light tackle , moving around and finding fish . Tempting a wild fish to hit a lure is something else and highly addictive . What really gets me is that I think we are only scratching the surface of the possibilities , there are so many techniques and variations- the mind boggles . Lots of guys are adapting their lure fishing to target different species, not just bass . One that really gets me is what James did last week in Cork and that is taking decent cod on Sp's, on light gear - he was using a 2500 size daiwa and a 7ft rod . If you told me a few years back you were going cod fishing with that kind of set up I would had a pain in my side from laughing . Lrf is also taking off in the winter months , guys going ultra light to fish for an array of different species , cod , coalie , pouting, pollack and so on . A conversation today with Henry Gilbey really sent me off thinking , we were talking about Lrf and he said after talking with some guys who are really in to it that the technique used and learned will work extremely well for bass . Another technique or skill could mean the difference between catching or not .

Lure fishing is moving so quickly and we are all being flooded with information . The Japanese are at the top of there game when it comes to lure fishing with company's like Megabass and Ima constantly developing new products . Whats happening now is they are developing more and more products to suit our type of fishing in Europe , which is great for us . Yes you can get very technical with your lure fishing but do not let that put you off , that can come in time . First of all get yourself a couple of decent lures and get out there and find some fish . You could have all the gear and be chucking your lure a mile away from the nearest fish . Bass are predators and if they are hungry and you put a decent lure in front of them they will most likely have it. Get to know your marks and when they fish , what state of tide , wind direction and so on and you are more than half way there . Take your lures to a place where you can have a good look at them coming through the water and try to put different actions into them see what way the lure likes to be worked , fast or slow retrieve , twitch or not , pause , suspend . Also have a look on you tube you will find a demo video of most lures .


Tackle has come along way in the last few years and no you do not have to have a red rod and a five hundred euro reel to get started. Yes there are some amazing bits of kit available and yes some can be amazing to fish with but there are so many options now of reasonably priced kit that has been designed for our lure fishing . The quality of some of the rods and reels available now is outstanding , Daiwa , Sakura ,Shimano, Savage gear and many more have some outstanding affordable kit out making it easier for everyone to get out and give it a go . The thought that you need a € 1000 euro to get a decent set up is far from the truth .
Any one looking to get started and they want to pick my brain call in to the shop send me an email or call the shop , you can get all the contact details at the top of the page .

Hopefully the season ahead will be as good as the last .

Tight lines,