Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to reality

Well what can I say as many of you will know I was looking forward to this trip for a long time and it lived up to everything I expected it to be and more . Henry did a lot of blogging while over in the Florida Keys so if you want a good look at what we were up to over there check out Henrys blog here and scroll down through the last few pages .
It amazed me how well managed the fishing is over there , I will not get into it but a big part of the reason why the fishing is so good is the way that it is managed and policed .
It was hectic fishing from day one with a great skipper and great company (Henry, Nick and Paul ). If we did not have the help of an experienced Florida Keys guide we would have caught fish but nowhere near on the scale that we did. Yes you could go there do your own thing and catch fish but for me travelling all that way to fish a place that you know nothing about you may as well do it right and get put on some of the best fishing of your life by someone who has there fingure on the pulse . It amazed me that our guide Rodney Goodship would ask us what we would like to do that day and whatever we sugested we would like to have a go at catching he was able to put us on fish and show us the best approach to catch whatever the species may be . Saying that he was completly openminded and encouraged us to try our own techniques some of which worked and others that did not . Anyone who is planning a fishing trip abroad I would highly recomend the Florida Keys and I would highly recomend Rodney at Fish The Dream you can contact him here for some very reasonable rates for accomodation and guiding . If you do not believe me go and quote some other guides in the Keys .
Anyway I must get back to work and catch up with a load of stuff after being away , it is not easy getting back to work when all you can think about is Tarpon , Permit , Amberjack, and Sharks.