Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nice weather....

Some really nice weather we are getting at the moment.....yea right! Due to the constant barrage of easterlies and southerlies along the Waterford coastline fishing has been hard to say the least for the last while. I went for a quick scout along the coast today and the power of the sea rolling in however disappointed I may have been that I couldn't of been fishing still was pretty cool...

However not all doom and gloom on the weather front from looking at the forecast it looks like it might just settle down enough to get out with the lures before the ban hits home on the 15th May....heres hoping we get a few windows of opportunity to get out before the month off.

While wer waiting for this spell of weather to settle down to chase some bass, Cian and Paul are preparing for their much anticipated trip to Florida, so Il be in the shop while Cian is away smashing big tarpon and the likes....

Cian will be sending over pictures whenever he can so il be sure to update the blog with the latest catch reports, from what I here Henry who is also heading over with the guys is really looking forward to the great trolling Florida has to offer see here . The lads have the reels loaded, red rods packed and countless lure boxes stuffed full of every lure imaginable to chuck at the tons of really small fish I here swim the waters over there!!

The guys are heading over to Rodney Goodship from fish the dream see here for some info on the fishing the guys are likely to have over there.

Jealous bet I am!!

Tight lines,