Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Fish Around....

A lot of people have started to put away there lure gear but if you get favourable weather conditions this time of the year the fishing can be outstanding. Windows to get out can be hard to come by but if you get the chance dont delay. Check out Alans blog here and you can begin to see why this time of the year can be good for bass.

Henry Gilbey is over for the week and today is their first day on the water and reports are already in that they have landed a few bass fishing a mark at first light this morning. Keep a eye on Henrys blog here for updates of how he gets on fishing this week.

The weather is going to close in on thursday so if you get a chance to get out before then make the most of it.

Megabass Vision Magnum
"At 130mm, 17.5g, this shallow diving suspends when you stop retrieving"

This weeks special is the Megabass Vision oneten Magnum, see specials here

Tight lines...