Thursday, March 22, 2012

Irish Bass...

After making the trip to Kerry yesterday to meet with John Quinlan for a meeting about the upcoming bass festival ( and a little bit of fishing ) it opened my eyes to a lot of things. One being the amount of voluntary work that John does to protect the sport we love and the bass stocks in Ireland . He is one highly motivated man who puts in countless hours of his own time without looking for anything in return on behalf of all bass anglers . The research , the meetings , the constant pressure he keeps on the government is outstanding and I for one owe him a big thank you for putting in such great efforts to protect what we have here in Ireland. One thing that I and you can do to help is to sign up to Irishbass , it is easy to do just click this link  and at the bottom left hand side of the page click on become a friend of Irish bass , fill in a few details and you are done . It costs nothing but every name makes a difference when needed.

On another note if you are like me and love your bass fishing whether it be bait , fly or lure and you get the opportunity get youself down to Kerry for a guided fishing session with John . Yesterday we only spent a couple of hours with John and learnt so much . The terrain is the stuff of dreams and the accommodation is out of this world. You can you can have a look here to see what is on offer in one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. John seriously knows his stuff and puts his clients on some great fishing .We never stop learning and even after one day with John my brain is buzzing with new ideas and techniques.

We know it is early days but if people who have not yet entered could start entering for the festival or if you are unsure or can not fully commit yet just let us know as we are trying to get a rough idea of numbers. Lots of entries in already and is looking like it will be a great fun event .

Tight lines..

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