Monday, April 2, 2012

Its like a switch has been turned on....

Over the last two weeks it is like a switch has been turned on, and the bass are here and hitting lures. It has been an exceptional winter as regards the mild weather we got and all through the winter bass were getting caught on bait. But it seems now with that quick jump in water temperature that they are a lot more active and willing to chase our lures in the shallows. The shallow water marks are where the fish are at the moment and its just a guess but it is most likely because of the week of sunshine we had, the shallow waters just that little bit warmer. Aim for these areas as they warm up a lot quicker than the deeper water marks and this is where the fish will be.

The usual lures are doing the business Komomo SF-125, Komomo 2 , weedless plastics and various other shallow runners. It has to be said after going through the winter and itching to get out lure fishing it is hard to be sitting here in the shop when your friends keep sending you through pictures of the fish they are catching.It amazes me that on the weakest tide of the month with the wind in the North East, bass are being caught on lures. Those conditions are normally the time when I would not even consider going fishing , but yet still at the moment fish are being caught . It just shows that we will never completely figure out the movements of these wonderful fish, and I suppose that's the great thing about it. This type of fishing will keep challenging you and making you think about your fishing .You have to love it!!

Lets hope the fishing keeps picking up and we get the weather we are looking for.....

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