Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nice Fish...

Check out this beauty that was caught along the Copper Coast this morning. Conditions are finally starting to come right, after the freak weather we have been getting. 

Here is hoping conditions stay favourable and you never know a fish of this quality may well just hit your lure. 

Tight lines...


  1. Hi,

    cool Sea Bass, your eyes say it all... hehehe

    Goooood catch mate ;)


  2. Parabéns por uma grande captura de um monstruoso robalo, sem duvida uma grande pescaria, momento para recordar mais tarde.
    Abraços e grandes pescarias.

  3. Really Cool Fish.It seems that you are satisfied with the sea Bass.In Fishing, It is Joyous moment, when we get a good fish.I prefer Carp fishing. Fishing in the sea is not feasible for me. Carp fishing is very popular in our area.It is easy and comfortable for us to do.However, i am dreaming of fishing in the sea or in a big river to get such fishes. Thanks again for such a good post.