Sunday, June 24, 2012

Savage Gear....

Ever want to put your lure somewhere you know you may be at risk of losing it? These new Savage Gear 4 play soft plastics will allow you to drop your lure into the roughest of ground and you wont have to worry about getting snagged up.

These soft plastics are gaining a lot of popularity and it easy to see why, check out the video...

The video above shows the amazing action of these lures when they are fitted to the specially designed lip skull see here. However you can fish these weedless with the specially designed weedless 4play hooks see here

Working these lures through rough shallow ground in and out of gullies will help find the fish.

Savage Gear Soft 4Play Loose Body 

With Bass Festival news we are in the final stages of getting everything organised and have been blown away by the amount of interest and entries to date. Please note that all entries must be in to us 2 weeks in advance by Friday 6th of July. 

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