Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to some normality?...

We can talk all day long about how the conditions have been against us this season with most of us having to make the most of those very small weather windows throughout the "Summer" to date. The copious amount of rainfall we have been getting has made things very difficult lowering the salinity of our inshore waters and thus pushing bait fish and most likely the bass out to deeper water.

However in the last few weeks things have finally started to return to some normality. Last weekend on some neap tides we had some nice bass coming to hard lures in estuaries and along rock marks. The usual fish holding marks are again starting to produce the quality fish we know they can and reports are coming in steadily to the shop of some quality fishing all along the coastline.

Here are some pics from a session we had on Saturday, fishing hard lures into some moving water the bass seemed to be passing us in phases...put your lure in the right place and eventually a fish would oblige.....

There was some nice fish caught during this short session (4-7lb), with some people picking out a few more than others. It always great to see your friends (who you introduced to bass fishing) hook some great fish., even if they do out fish you!!  

If you get the chance check out this great video Peter Aspinwall put together, some very impressive surface fishing in Clonakilty bay..... 

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  1. nice video!
    I was in clon saturday and sunday and didnt get a single tap!!
    Hopefully it will be better this weekend.