Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well what can I say but this season has to be the worst conditions for lure fishing I have ever witnessed. If its not Northerly or Easterly it's blowing a gale from the direction we want Southerly. Then wind comes good conditions look good but water clarity is poor due to previous wind directions and strengths. Fresh water running off the land, pressure seems to be low and not hitting the usual summer highs.

Let me start by saying this is just my opinion and I could be wrong but I think that massive storm we had in June ( the worst weather recorded for something like 113 years for that time of year ) had a massive effect on the whole season. All of the early summer weed and kelp got uprooted and is still all over the shore and floating around. The bait fish were slow moving in and and water temps were slow rising.

Did that storm stop the usual progression of the summer routine on our coastal system? Yet again last week we get hit with massive winds from the south. The biggest surf I have ever seen here in tramore real winter weather. The water clarity is now poor again when winds are perfect and tides are good. When I talk about water clarity it does not have to be gin clear but it does have to have some bit of visibility. All of these factors have made things very difficult but saying all that fish are still being caught and a good stamp of fish too. Put in the hours, search for that better bit of water and you just might be rewarded. When conditions are coming good and clarity is ok we seem to be hitting our normal standard of fishing but as we have all witnessed getting those conditions this summer has not been regular to say the least.

September and October have always been my favourite months so lets hope it comes good and I am sure a few good sessions would make everyone forget the tough ones. Wind is staying in the south a bit more lets hope it stays that way.

So yes it's been difficult but yes fish are still being caught and some good ones too. Unfortunately we can do nothing about the weather but we will keep fishing that's for sure because who knows....

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