Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost there now....

So with only a couple of days left until we can wet a line and chase some silvers along the coast again excitement is certainly building, conditions look good in the form of a nice SW coming onshore, nice set of tides. So time to get the lures ready for hopefully another bumper season on the bass.

Looking Good!!!!

And to add even further to the excitement levels its now time to get those surface lures ready the water temperature is up and we all know its by far the most exciting and visual way of hooking a bass.

One lure I will have at the ready as soon as the season opens is the super effective Xorous Patchinko. I know that this lure did serious damage for Cian and Paul last year accounting for a lot of their bass last season.

Heres hoping there will be plenty of fish and smiles like this in the opening few days of the season.

Tight lines to everyone for the start of the new season.