Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back on the bass...

So the day has finally come the 16th of June, time for the summer bass fishing to begin.....

Due to the wind picking right up last night my confidence was well down, I did a quick recce yesterday evening to find the marks I hoped to fish, a total write off due to brown water and a lot of floating weed.Slightly disheartened I still set the alarm for 3.45am and proceeded with plan b which was try my best to find clean water. To my surprise the water was not as coloured as I expected as the wind settled right down during the night.

There was plenty of life on the water and the ceremonious wave over the head within the first few casts had me wide awake, sure enough within the first half an hour I had a nice bass hammer my pearl zonk gataride which gave a great account of itself in the well oxygenated white water. As the tide pushed in so did the weed....

So on to the next mark which usually fishes best on the rising tide but I said I would chance it on the drop, fishing a cruising blue gataride into coloured water a nice bass of around 4.5lb snatched the lure right at my feet, another great fight in lively conditions.

Crusing blue

On a side note this little guy got washed up on to the beach a rare boarfish looks like it should be swimming around tropical reefs and strange to be found in shallow water this time of the year as this fish is generally associated with deeper water, so what lure can we use to match the hatch here??

As I write this the wind has picked up again which will most likely make things extremely difficult along the copper coast in the form of weed and coloured water.

Make sure to keep an eye on Henrys blog here from what I here the guys smashed serious numbers of fish this morning to 8lb, so looking forward to seeing the pics.

Tight lines,