Monday, June 6, 2011

Soft Plastics...

We have just got in some great new colours in the Slugos (4.5, 6, 7.5) and now have texposer hooks from size 1 up to 5/0.

From top to bottom 7.5 inch Arkansas Shiner, 6 inch Pond Shiner and 4.5 inch Green Phantom

7.5 inch Albino Shad and 6 inch Pond Shiner
7.5 inch Seafoam Shad and 4.5 inch Green Shad Flash.

We have also got in some Delalnde articulated jig heads, 5g 7g 10g and 12g available. These articulated heads work very well with shads giving extra movement to your soft plastic, a 10g articulated head mounted onto a GT shad can be seen below.

Decoy nail bombs have also arrived which sit very nicely on the xlayer seen below, these jig heads work well when you want to fish your xlayer into snaggy ground.

Tight lines