Monday, June 21, 2010

A great way to spend a Sunday

The day started when I met the Wicklow boys in the shop at 10am , my wife kindly offered to mind the shop for the day so I could go fishing ( now that's love). We had a quick coffee and set off 2min down the road and the clutch went in the van while towing the boat. Luckily one of the lads was able to hitch the boat to his jeep and we hit the road again after we abandoned the van at the side of the road , at that time the van was the least of my worries all I wanted to do was go fishing . Today its a different story after I found out what its gonna cost me to get fixed, ah well such is life.

More bad news

We arrived at the mark only to see that the water was coloured , the lads were after making a journey to fish this mark so we launched and gave it a go not to the success I had anticipated but everyone hooked up some more than others ( Damien). The fishing was OK but not spectacular and I couldn't care less what a day to be out on the water nice breeze glorious sunshine and good company Steven Corkish, Andrew Murphy and Damien Nockter a great bunch of lads who are well up on there lure fishing . Its great to get out with guys you have not fished with before and see what they are using and what works for them , forever learning.

The lads had to head home in the evening so I dropped them ashore and they hit the road then my buddy Paul arrived and my wife so we said we would give a go for an hour or so given then outstanding weather . What happened next I am still getting grief over this morning , one half hour drift and Paul had 3 fish off the top while I had nothing . My excuse is I trying to show Amy how to fish but he wont buy that !! All joking aside Paul did great all on the lucky Craft Gunfish 115 one of my favorite top water lures.

After that we decide to head home so we got the boat back on the trailer hooked it on to Pauls jeep and headed home for a feed, didn't even think about the jeep once until this morning. Its days like this is why I love fishing so much the excitement, the fun, meeting new people and good company so thanks to everyone who contributed to the brilliant day .