Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Having a blast

Well we have all been having a great week and seeing and hooking up with plenty of fish. Unfortunately I have not been out with the guys as much as I would have liked but I have to work. The lads have been doing great but also putting in the hours . Numerous fish have been taken off the rocks in the last few days mainly on Zonk Gatarides and Tide Minows due to a bit of surf these lures are more stable and stay down . Its great being out fishing with people who are as nuts about lure fishing as me it makes me feel some bit justified in my obsession with bass fishing. Taking pictures isn't usually my thing so I must make more of an effort to bring the camera out fishing instead of taking it out in the car park (sorry about that). Still its a good shot of friends out enjoying themselves and talking about the previous session. Having fun is why I keep fishing the people I fish with the people I meet the conversations about fishing is why I love bass fishing so much .
Just to let you know I am now able to take orders over the phone while I'm waiting for the online shop to be set up , new Megabass order arriving in the next few days and IMA next week.
Hope ye are all out there giving it a go and getting a few fish , ( careful its addictive)