Saturday, July 3, 2010

The weekend has landed

The weekend has landed and I am sure plenty of ye are out fishing . It blew hard here for the last two days but is after dying right down this morning, perfect lure fishing conditions -once you can find clean water. In my experience rock marks always seem to fish much better with a bit of fizz on them. It amazes me how these fish hold up so close to rocky shoreline while big surf smashes in . Time and time again I am seeing fish been caught on rock marks where before I would have said too rough let's go home or find an alternative. Don't think I will ever stop learning.
The lads went home yesterday after a weeks fishing . They all had a great week and fished their socks off with some great results. No doubt we will have another few visits from the lads before the year is out. They are a great bunch of anglers and passionate about their lure fishing (some may say obsessive) and it is great to fish with them . There was plenty of secret squirrel stuff came out of the boxes to be tried and tested but I must say my top 3 lures for the week were the IMA Komomo 2, Zonk Gataride and the Patchinko . My personal favorites but saying that plenty of other lures caught fish this week- it's never ending.

One person in particular had an amazing weeks fishing , Andy Bignell went out and smashed decent numbers of fish every day -the guy is an amazing angler who fishes his socks off and gets some amazing results. Every time I looked over at Andy while out fishing this week he seemed to be stuck into a fish. What a great guy and what a great angler -well done bud.