Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get out in the dark.

Night fishing was always very successful for me with bait and now becoming that way with lures . Using the same lures as you do during the day, night fishing with lures is another way of getting out and catching fish when the tides are right. It is essential you know your mark and that you fish with someone as wading and clambering around rocks or standing in the middle of an estuary in the dark does have its risks. All you need is a head lamp , try to keep your light off as much as possible so as not to spook fish. Mine only goes on while walking over rocks , unhooking a fish or a quick flash to check a lure for weed.Give it a go on a mark you are familiar with and fish a tide that produces for you , just add darkness.

Friday night.

Went fishing Friday night in the dark with Ger and Tom . When we arrived at the mark the water was filthy , now I would usually walk away when water is absolutely brown . A bit of colour I don't mind but brown forget it. How wrong I was Ger assured us it would still fish so on we went. Myself and Tom did not let the side down with a fish each but Ger stole the show with 5 fish . There were fish all around us some mullet but plenty of bass , you could here them hitting bait fish all around us on the surface as we were only in about 2 foot of water. I could have stayed there all night up to my waist in water a few fish being caught pitch black sky and fish moving all around us but unfortunately the tide pushed us off.

Ger had the biggest fish of the night coming in at just under 7lb .