Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catch reports

This picture is not Dave Mc Guiness's bigest fish that he had on this session but it is the picture I like best as it shows the pure excitement and fun that can be had lure fishing. Well done Dave.

It has been a great week for fishing around here with plenty of catch reports coming through . It has to be said I love my new job , talking fishing all day and surrounded by tackle but it is hard hearing all the catch reports coming in and not being able to get out . Then when I did manage to get out Friday evening the weather turned nasty , we managed a few fish before the weather got the better of us but then it was time to head home after a good soaking.

It is amazing how many new people I am meeting who are as obsessed with lure fishing as me , guys from all over the country are getting into lure fishing and I cant blame them it is the most exciting way of fishing we have in our country in my opinion. It has to be said I am absolutely addicted to lure fishing and I don't want help to overcome it. Reports of some big fish been taken this week by guys who are getting out there and fishing there socks off , well done Pat the yellow Patchinko strikes again Bob in Jersey would be proud.

Hopefully I will make it out after work today , it all depends on water clarity after the weather that just passed through . It was horrible yesterday but still plenty of guys made the effort to get out and fish it I am awaiting reports.


The stock is finally all starting to arrive , the latest addition is the Megabass range , my favorite Zonk Gataride , Fluttta baits which I have not tried but they look amazing and I cant wait to give them a go I have a mark or two in mind where they should do the business, X- 120 SW and X-140SW are also after arriving in I have had plenty of success with the 120 but the 140 is new to me but I am being told it is even better again casts like a bullet and a lot more stable in the water and the Giant Dog X one of my favorite top water lures since I was shown what it can do by the French guys last year . By Tuesday I will have another bunch of stuff arriving Xlayers most important and some other quality stuff . Fingers crossed I will have my Ima order before the week is out. They make such amazing lures and it shows by the demand I think most of the order is nearly booked before it even hits the shelves .

If I do manage to get out today I will be sure to bring a camera and keep ye posted .