Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sunday night myself and Paul decided to head up for a few hounds , it had been ages since id done a bit of bait fishing so when the weather got the better of us on the lure fishing side of things we decided to give the bait a go. It had been ages since I fished for hounds and a few months since I picked up my bait fishing gear . We headed to the mark armed with 2 to 4oz rods fixed spool reels loaded with braid and a bucket of crab. As usual it was a couple of hours waiting for the hounds to turn up but when they did everyone on the beaches rod went off . Light tackle and braid is definitely the way to go for me its so much fun the contact you have with the fish , I had my rod riped from the tripod 3 times by fish around 5lb . We ended up with 11 hounds in total and could have had more but we had to go home work the next morning and all that stuff. But the two hours we were there when the hounds turned up was such exciting fishing .
At certain times of the year I do a good bit of bait fishing for for bass with the same gear and same bait . It is great how much I have learned from lure fishing that I can transfer to bait fishing and the same the other way around.Theses days I keep my bait fishing light and mobile and go and look for fish rather than sitting still and waiting for them to come to me. When I am out lure fishing now I see so many places that I would love to stick a bait in that I would never have even considered dropping a bait in before. My favorite bait has to be peeler crab , I just have more success on it saying that I know plenty of guys who swear by razor or lug and I cant disagree that they are also a quality bait. Its very rare that I use a grip led anymore , just like a soft plastic I like my bait to be moving around . My fishing keeps changing and I hope it always will, I love trying new things and even more so when they work . Its never ending the way fishing keeps changing and the way we fish that's why I love it so much no two sessions are ever same.
Lots of new stuff starting to arrive into the shop at the moment but I know a lot of people are waiting on IMA to arrive , I hope to have it soon and soon as I do I will put up a post .