Monday, July 19, 2010

Adapting to conditions

When the weather is playing up.

The weather here has not been great lately for lure fishing , so something had to be done to get my bass fix. Now don't get me wrong lure fishing is my first love and if I have a choice I will go lure fishing every time. Saying that I love bait fishing but not sitting on a surf beach looking at a tripod I like keeping my bait fishing light and mobile just like my lure fishing and when water clarity is an issue I will get the bait fishing gear and fish the same marks as I fish with lures just change tactics and use bait. For me a 10 to 11ft 2 to 4oz rod fixed spool reel loaded with braid is the way to go.

3 casts 3 fish

Saturday night I had to go fishing no matter what the conditions I just needed to get out so myself and Paul headed off with a bucket of fresh peelers to a spot that was well sheltered with the wind to our backs we arrived a bit early and knew we would be waiting for the tide to turn , so after an hour and a half of sitting in monsoon like rain the tide turned and both rods went off within 5 min of each other . Pure panic and excitement and a slack line bite along with angler fault contributed to me dropping my first fish which would definitely have been my biggest fish of the night ( of course ). My next 3 cast I landed 3 fish biggest just over 4lb and then it went dead again . What an exciting half hour well worth it and no way was I gonna get 3 fish on lures Saturday night with the wind and water clarity that was in it . So all I am saying is that no matter what method I just love catching bass . Of course lures is what I love the most but I am more than willing to adapt if it means the difference between catching and not catching.


The Ima is flying off the shelves so if anyone is still looking for it give me a call and I will put it away . Lot of colours are already gone but still some nice ones left.