Saturday, July 31, 2010

The week gone

This week just seemed to fly,

Monday myself, Paul and Mick decided to bump a bit of crab around in the estuaries under the cover of darkness which produced a few fish, Paul with the biggest coming in at just over five and a half pounds.

Tuesday morning we were out with the lures and Ger Carey 10 min into the session hooked into a nice fish , me being the nice guy that I am went up to give Ger a hand and boga the fish as we were wading in about 3 foot of water. As I approached I could see that the fish was a croc easily 11lb but he was not very well hooked. After another few minutes I went for it and tried to boga the fish unfortunately the fish shook the lure, with a last effort to grab him by the tail he swam off . It would be an understatement to say I was gutted. Ger was as cool as a breeze about it saying no prob he was going back anyway and once he is not swimming around with a lure in his mouth I am happy. What a gent and what a fish .

Last night myself Paul and Damien went for a quick spin in the boat and of course a few chucks. We were out for about an hour and a half and could not get away from the mackerel the place is full of them . No doubt there are a few big bass filling there belly's with them.

It amazes me

The amount of people who I am meeting through the shop and out fishing that are taking up lure fishing amazes me . It is becoming so popular and lots of people having plenty of success catch reports coming in every day . To hear someone come back into the shop and tell me they caught on a lure they purchased is great . When I started lure fishing I didn't know anyone else lure fishing and it took ages to find out what lures to use when to use them and so on . Up in my house I have boxes of mistakes , lures I bought that would not catch anything only spook fish. So I am happy to sell people lures that I now use myself and catch fish with.

Sorry for the lack of pictures I am after getting a new camera so I will be snap happy from now on.