Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let the fishing begin

The season has kicked off and already I am hearing loads of catch reports and hopefully we will be seeing plenty of fish like the one above taken by Mr Hill on a GT Shad on one of the trips last year.
Hopefully I will be able to get out tonight to give it a go with my buddy Paul but not sure yet but I will defo be out on Sunday with a few friends from Dublin and hopefully the mark we are planning on fishing throws up a few fish . It will be soft plastics all the way over sandy ground bumping the bottom nothing too complicated but very effective in estuary's. Xlayers, Rolling Shads, Fury Shads and stuff along those lines will be the lures of choice on Sunday all going well and weather permitting it should be good, I will be sure to give a full report and let ye know how we get on .
Next week is going to be the first of the summer fishathons , Henry, Graham, Andy ,Trevor and Nick are arriving on Wednesday evening for a weeks fishing , so from first light Thursday morning it will be nothing but fishing from dawn till dusk and a bit more. Every time the lads come over it takes me a week to recover after they leave and there wont have been a single drink had just a fishing hangover. Its always great to fish with the lads , talk tackle and show off what secret squirrel stuff everyone has got there hands on since we last met. Of course I will blog during the week and keep ye posted on how we are getting on and also complain a bit about how tired I am from fishing 18hrs a day ( a good complaint I know).