Saturday, October 9, 2010


It has not been a great week for fishing with all that wind we are getting and now its in the east and due to stay there for a while , which is certainly going to make things a lot more difficult . It is such a shame with such nice tides this week that the weather got the better of us but we can not complain too much as we have had some fantastic fishing so far this year . In my opinion we still have a good bit of time lure fishing left this year . The water temperature is up there has not been too much rain and all we need now is for that wind to swing around and settle a bit and we will be out again . This time of year right up to Christmas and after if the weather allows is probably my favorite time for lure fishing . Its time to get the plastics out slow it down and hopefully see a few big fish .The weed will start move on and make it possible to bounce plastics where it was impossible during the summer . If all that fails I will be sure to be getting out the light bait fishing gear a bucket of crab which I must admit I am looking forward to . It is another nice way to approach bass fishing and if it means getting fish when lures wont work I am quite happy .

Official Opening
We are having an official opening of the shop on Sun 24Th of October from 1pm to 4pm . There will be a raffle with loads of prizes and a top prize for lure fishermen of a Tenryu rod and a top prize for bait fishermen of a Daiwa 7HT Mag and lot more . Henry Gilbey will be here for the day doing the official opening so come along and pick his brain . Everyone is welcome and hopefully it will be a great day .
Just a quick thank you to everyone who is reading the blog its great I can not believe so many people are reading it , James and myself enjoy doing it so thanks to everyone .