Friday, October 1, 2010

September silvers....

Sorry for the lack of reports in the last week but it was hard to blog with the non stop fishing which we have done in the last week or so. Great days, bad days and a plenty of craic would some up Henry Andy and Nicks visit to the Copper Coast. Their first day with Cian turned out to be the highlight of the week when they got to see what the copper coast is capable of on a good day with Cian getting bass to 10lb, for some excellent pics from that day and from their week here check out Henrys blog.... here

As Cian was off fishing alot last week I was only getting out for an hour every evening after closing. However it turned out that all I neeeded was 40-50 minutes to make my season and probably the highlight of my bass fishing to date. I arrived at the rock mark without a head torch so it was going to be a quick session. Within 3 casts I had a fish which came in at 7.5lb, in the next few casts I hit another fish which I know from the first run and the bend in the Injection that it was a serious fish. My Injection proved more than capable of bringing in the fish and never looked like it was going to struggle with one hell of a fight in rough conditions, after what felt like an hour of vicious head shaking and long powerful runs I got the fish in close as soon as the fish came to the surface I knew straight away that this must be close to my previous pb of just over 9lb, panic then set in as I tried to get the fish to the boga after a nervosus couple of minutes with waves crashing around me I somehow managed to get a hold of the fish. She measured 76cm and was around the 10.5lb mark, words cant some up how I felt looking at this fish after spending so long chasing a double the feeling of everything finally coming together......perfect! After a few phone calls and picture messages fired off I had a few more casts as the water was alive with fish in front of me, I was hitting fish every few casts and managed to land a 3lber and lost another 2 fish one which straightened the hooks on my Gateride.... another fish to add to the list of the one that got away...

Being in the right place at the right time for that 40-50minutes made all the long hours blanking and hard days worth while. All fish were cuaght on the Zonk Gateride in GG new favourite colour!!

The same mark produced fish for me 4 days in a row last week but then the Northerly winds set in which killed the fishing with the much needed fizz on the water gone, the lads still picked up the odd fish towards the end of the week but nothing like the first day when conditions were spot on.

Simon Lewis and his son from Wales were also over for a few days at the end of last week, have a look at Alans Blog here turbot on an xlayer,, very cool!! and a new pb for Luke. A sucessful trip?

At the moment fishing around rock marks is tough however some good fish are still making an appearance, the bass seem to be pre occupied with the abundant bait fish which is still around the coastline. The megabass X140-sw, ima sasuke 140 and of course the Zonk Gateride are the lures we found are working best at the moment.

Tight lines.