Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man on a mission

Curled up in my nest this morning with no intention of getting up for at least another hour , when the phone rang . The phone was answered on the second ring to be met with the voice of the happiest man in Ireland , Pat Connolly . Soon as Pats name came up on my phone at that hour I knew it was good news as he had told me yesterday that he was heading out this morning. He was after landing a fish just over 10lb and better again he took him on a surface lure.Pat told me he was so happy with his fish that he was packing it in for the day and coming home, so we arranged to meet in the shop. Pat had taken the pictures on his phone and a video of the fish being released so he sent them on to me . So I must say I did not mind being woken up for that news , well done Pat another great fish and well deserved. The fish was taken on a Phospho Patchinko .
Anyfish Anywhere
The new range of Anyfish Anywhere lure fishing rods have just arrived in the shop and I have to say they look and feel amazing . You can tell by looking how well these rods have been made . Fast action rods that are just perfect for lure fishing and come in 7, 8 and 9ft to suit every ones taste and style . The rods also come in a travel version which are outstanding , there will be one going in my case from now on . Call in have a look and see what you think.