Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Mark

Fished a new mark last night .
Myself and Paul were kindly brought to a new mark last night by James Barry. Yesterday when James told me about this mark he had my full attention . James is an outstanding angler who gets out there and finds marks all over the coast fishes them at every stage of the tide and finds out if they are gonna fish or not ( a bass nut ). James has worked out that the mark fishes at the top of the tide but we could not wait to see it so we went out at the start of the rise to have a look and of course a few casts . Top of the tide was too late for us last night with work this morning . When we arrived we knew that we were in bass country reef, gully's and drop offs everywhere . We started fishing and after 10 min I had a fish have a go at my yellow Patchinko but no hook up. The same thing happened to James two seconds later and then it was Paul's turn but he did hook up and landed a nice fish of around 5 lb again on the yellow Patchinko. After that the tide pushed us off where we were fishing and it was a case of waiting for the tide to fill before we could get at the fish again . It was getting dark and a bit dodgy for wading around rocks on a mark you have never fished before under the cover of darkness. Cant wait to get back to the mark over the next few weeks at the top of the tide and give it a good go.

Finding Marks
We are so lucky with the amount of marks we have on our doorstep around here , it is never ending and enough marks for us to keep fishing new marks every year. It is just a matter of putting in the effort getting out there walking around spotting places that look good. Look for shallow rocky ground with drop offs and gully's. Put in the effort fish them at different stages of the tide and find out if they are gonna produce. The weather obviously will play a big part so fish them in conditions that produce on other marks for you. Its all part of the fun finding your own mark and catching fish on it , that's an achievement .